IU’s Early Student Performance Alert

In support of campus efforts to increase student retention and 4-year graduation, all faculty teaching undergraduate students are asked to provide feedback early and often on student attendance/performance in their class. Effective Fall 2011, this feedback from the faculty is being accomplished online using the Student Performance Roster in SIS as part of the FLAGS System. Feedback from the faculty using these rosters allows for quick and intentional intervention with those students who may need assistance. Based on faculty roster feedback, reports will be readily available to advisors and other school officials to take action.

The student performance roster is also the mechanism for providing attendance feedback for the Registrar/Financial Aid Compliance enrollment verification audit. This one Student Performance Roster satisfies both needs and will be the only roster faculty will be asked to process.

Types of Early Alerts

Attendance – In order to comply with federal financial aid regulations, instructors are expected to report on student attendance. 

  • Attending
  • Not Attending (Prompts for last date of attendance, approximate if necessary)
  • Never Attended
  • Irregular Attendance
  • Has started attending
Flags – These performance alerts are used to identify to a student the behaviors or actions that need improvement.  It is recommended that an instructor also recommend the appropriate action in order for a student to make improvements.
  • Behavior Problem in Clinical
  • Classroom behavior
  • Does not participate in class
  • Low discussion section scores
  • Low lab scores
  • Missing assignments
  • Not passing course
  • Not turning in homework
  • Poor homework
  • Poor performance quizzes/exams
  • Poor performance: writing
  • Sudden decline in performance
Trends – The other performance alert that provides feedback to students on their behavior and actions over time. 
  • Increased level of risk
  • Major improvement
  • No longer at risk (This will unselect any Flags or Actions previously selected)
  • Some improvement
  • Student has responded
Recommended Actions -Each campus has a set of recommended actions based the support services available.  In general, the following options listed below are available for faculty to choose.
  • Attend class
  • Turn in homework
  • Contact instructor
  • Contact advisor
  • Contact teaching assist
  • Visit [student support or resource center name]
  • See Canvas/OnCourse feedback
  • Recommend no action

Viewing Early Alerts

For Faculty – The Student Performance Roster is available in the Faculty Center of SIS.  The roster for each class can be accessed within the “SIS Performance Roster” link in Canvas or through the Faculty Center available in One.IU. For more resources to submitting Student Performance Rosters, see our Resources section.

For Students – Students can view the feedback reported by their instructors by navigating to My Grades within the SIS Student Center both available in One.IU.

For Academic Advisors - Academic Advisors can view their assigned advisees who have an early alert raised by filtering their Caseload list in AdRx to show flagged students on top.  A report of all assigned advisees can also be generated through the CBI.