For Faculty

The Job Aids maintained by UITS IT Training are the most up-to-date directions on completing your Student Performance Roster. 

  • Student Performance Roster Tabs: Assessments & My Flagged Students - Video Demonstration 

  • Student Performance Roster: Saving v. Submitting Video Demonstration

For Students

Students will receive a notification from either their campus registrar or their instructor indicating that an early alert has been submitted.  That notice will include directions to navigate to the My Grades section of the Student Center.  

For Academic Advisors and Faculty Academic Advisors

From AdRx

  1. Navigate to Advising Records

  2. On the left side of the page, Select Caseload

  3. The default view is for your Assigned Advisees

  4. In the Sort by menu, select Flags

  5. The Assigned Advisees with a Flag will appear at the top.

From AABI Report

  1. Navigate to Business Intelligence

  2. Log-in via link at the top-right

  3. On the left side of the page you will see the Report Catalog.

  4. Select Student > Academic Advising > Flags Advisor Dashboard

  5. This Dashboard is unique to your Assigned Advisees. 

  6. Set the parameters to meet your reporting needs.


Academic Advising Job Aid

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