How to Submit Feedback

Progress Report Requests & SER

Each campus has the ability to request student engagement feedback from faculty.  Your campus leadership will have more details, but in general, interested units, like athletics or 21st century scholars program, will work in a centralized process to request feedback on the students contained within their program or unit.  This comes to faculty in two ways: first, as an email requesting the feedbackwill be sent to the instructors of all classes for any student they identify and end with a link to your SER faculty page; second, within the SER application, you can check the Progress Reports area to view all current requests for feedback.  The feedback you leave can happen in your normal routine of providing feedback to students, as long as it falls within the date range identified by the requestor.  

Upgraded Integration between Canvas Grades and SER Filter

As of December 2020, you will no longer experience a significant delay between when grades are entered into Canvas and when they are available to filter on in SER.  Remember to refresh the browser that has SER open before any recently entered values from Canvas Gradebook will be available to filter your class roster in SER.  To get the most out of filters, we recommend that you enter all your grades in Canvas Gradebook first. You can then filter on grades in SER and use the multiple student feedback options to submit feedback more efficiently.

Additionally, you can import grades from Canvas into SER to be submitted as part of regular feedback, as well as meet Bloomington's Early Evaluation reporting policy. You can find important details and instructions on using the Import feature found on your SER class roster HERE.


Roster AutoSave Timing Out

The auto-save function in the SER roster will inactivate after the page sits idle for 25 minutes.  If you have begun to enter information and get called away for a long while, please be sure to refresh the page before entering new data.  Otherwise, you may lose the new entries.  If you get the 401 error message, choosing “reload” will reactivate auto-save.  As long as you don’t let the page sit idle for long periods of time, the auto-save will stay active.


SER Faculty Videos

Quickly Submit Attendance in SER

This short instructional video walks faculty through entering and submitting Attendance values for their classes in SER.  Click on the video above to learn how to complete attendance in just 13 seconds.

Submitting Attendance in SER video

Faculty Instructional How-To Videos

The instructional how-to, faculty-focused videos walk viewers through the process of completing and submitting feedback on student engagement for their class.  These are useful videos for anyone new to either being faculty in general or teaching at IU, but can also show experienced faculty helpful tips or shortcuts.  The last video in this playlist is for academic advisors or success coaches and is on finding and reviewing SER feedback.

Go to Instructional How-To Videos

Faculty Perspective Videos

Learn what current IU instructors are saying about their experience with the Student Engagement Roster.  These engaged faculty members not only share why they use SER for student feedback, but also give you strategies and tips on efficiently using this student success tool.

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