Types of Feedback

Currently, there are two tools that faculty can use to provide feedback. The links to the left provide more detail on each.  

The Student Performance Roster (SPR) has been in use since 2011 and allows faculty to identify issues students may be experiencing in a course and to make recommendations about how to improve performance. Advisors and others working in Advising Records can see this feedback on student records there and use filters to reach out to students as needed. Campus administrators can run reports in the Decision Support environment to use to support student success.

For Spring 2018, a new tool is being introduced -- the Student Engagement Roster (SER). The SER allows for a much broader range of feedback to students, including recognition of excellent performance and suggestions about ways to deepen one's educational experience to achieve success. In addition, faculty can send a specific note to a student or groups of students as needed. The new tool also was designed to make providing feedback easier for faculty. By Fall of 2018, we expect the SPR will be retired. SER feedback is also available in Advising Records and through Decision Support environment reporting.