Continuing Student Performance

Remember the Purpose of FLAGS Feedback

Faculty don't provide feedback to be punitive.  They have identified behaviors and aspects of your class performance that could be causing you to be less successful than you planned.  As you learn about the FLAGS, you come to understand how many people and offices on campus are invested in your success.  Everyone is here to help you, including your faculty member.

FLAGS Communication Map

In Phase 1, Class activity occurs between Student and Instructor during which time the Instructor provides feedback to FLAGS roster. Leading to Phase 2, FLAGS Recommendations to the Student leads to reciprocated contact with relevant follow-up person or unit. This guides Student and Instructor to Phase 3 where they continue coursework with possibly more feedback provided throughout the semester.

Take This Opportuntiy

Like many institutions who have designed and implemented a faculty feedback system as a tool for student success and graduation, IU has created this system in hopes of combatting many common factors that may lead to early student departure from college:  academic underpreparedness, low initial commitment, competing "external" factors, academic uncertainty, low sense of self-efficacy, and feelings of isolation. FLAGS feedback can provide you the opportunity to become more deeply engaged in your learning and academic performance overall.