Responding to Faculty Feedback

Faculty feedback is meant to be proactive and timely -- guiding you to identify behaviors and/or performance areas in a class where you are doing well or where you could improve in order to successfully complete the course.  Regardless of your previous experiences in school, the faculty who utilize FLAGS feedback want you to succeed and they believe you can as long as you follow recommendations.   

What follows below will give you some tips on what you can do, as well as what to expect when you respond to your feedback.  If you only briefly glanced at your feedback, take a moment to look it over more closely.

Two students collaborating and using a whiteboard

General Response Suggestions

  • Be open to this feedback from faculty because they are using FLAGS in the hopes of supporting your success. 
  • Feedback from multiple classes does not mean you should change your academic plan or career goals.  You may have picked a combination of classes that don't go well together due to difficulty or competing assignment deadlines.  Faculty and staff may know it takes additional help for students to manage such course combinations.
  • Understand that you are likely to hear from more than one person about your feedback because we want to be sure you get support.