General Semester Timeline

  • Semester Week 1

    During the first week of the semester, your instructor may explain the FLAGS system for reporting your progress and discuss how they plan to use it for your class.  Or, they may have included this information on the course syllabus.  Be sure you know how FLAGS will be used in your class.

    IU Northwest and IU South Bend will process an administrative withdrawal for any student who does not attend classes during the first week.  If you have run into circumstances that will affect your attendance this week and you are registered in a class that adheres to the course commitment policy--BE SURE TO CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR to explain your circumstances.

    To do:

    • There is nothing you need to do right now. Just know that your professor is paying particular attention to your attendance and class performance during the first 4-6 weeks of the semester. Make sure to attend every class and complete your assignments to start the semester off strong!
  • Semester Week 2
    In week 2, your instructor may be reporting your progress. If you have missed 50% of classes (for example, two or more of the first four), they will provide feedback for you.

    To do:
    • When you receive feedback, pay attention to the recommendations your instructor has provided and follow through on them as quickly as you can.  Your instructor may alert the entire class that they have provided feedback, either in class or through Canvas. Or, you may receive an email from a campus office about your feedback.
    • If you do not receive feedback, you don’t have to do anything. Keep up the good work!
  • Semester Week 3
    Your instructor may remind you of the FLAGS feedback process.  Remember that they are still paying attention to your attendance, participation, and homework.

    To do:
    • Keep attending class and doing the work, especially during this first quarter of the semester.
    • If at any point you have questions or feel stressed, communicate with your instructor. They want to help you succeed, but they need to know what you need.
  • Semester Week 4
    This week closes out the first 25% of the course, but your attendance and participation still matter! Your instructor is still keeping track.

    To do:
    • As always, if you receive notification of feedback, make sure to respond within one week;
    • If recommended, make an appointment with your advisor.
    • Consider talking to your instructor about what you’re doing or if you need anything.
    • Show up to every class meeting.
  • Semester Week 5
    IUPUI, IU Northwest, IU South Bend students:  at this point, if you have missed 50% of your classes and are not responding to your instructor or advisor, your instructor has the option to administratively withdraw you from the course.

    To do:
    • If you have responded to your feedback by talking with your instructor and are attending class, you are probably not in danger of administrative withdrawal.  Be sure you confirm with your instructor when you talk to them.
    • If you are administratively withdrawn, here is what you do:
      • If you want to remain enrolled, go see your advisor IMMEDIATELY
      • If you wish to remain withdrawn, you don't need to do anything.  HOWEVER, being withdrawn from this class may affect any financial aid you have received, especially if you drop below full-time.  So be sure you talk to both a Financial Aid staff member and your academic advisor about how dropping this class will affect you.
  • Semester Week 6
    By now you will be preparing for midterms.
    Bloomington students:  at week 6, you will receive your Early Evaluation Grades if you are a freshman or sophomore in University Division or if you are taking a General Education Common Ground course.

    To do:
    • This is a great time to meet with your instructor to touch base about your work even if you are on the right track and you haven’t received any feedback. Your instructor is there to help you and it is always best to bring up any uncertainties as soon as possible so you don’t get overwhelmed later.
  • Semester Week 7
    At IUPUI and IU Southeast:  your instructor still has the option for administrative withdrawal if you are not showing up to class or responding to communications.

    To do:
    • Moving into the second half of the semester, you should be in a good rhythm. As always, make sure to respond to feedback within one week and work together with your instructor and advisor to finish the semester strong!